子曰:勿以惡小而不為: Million Dollar Baby-登峰造擊


Million Dollar Baby-登峰造擊

  本片獲得七項奧斯卡提名,不過我必須告訴你這部電影,是部你絕對不會想看第二次的電影,我保證,絕對。本片前半段讓人看的很開心,Maggie一步一步實現她的夢想,就在要登峰造極成為Million Dollar Baby的時候...居然發生這種事...我就按了STOP。實在沒有勇氣看下去,而且牽怒到編劇身上,有必要這樣嗎,有必要這樣嗎?
  後來還是鼓起勇氣看下去(這也是我僅存的勇氣了)。  或許是習慣好萊塢式的歡樂,總覺得人有夢想,就會成功... 看完這部片後,讓我重新思考何謂成功?站在耀眼的鎂光燈下是唯一的成功方式嗎?

Maggie Fitzgerald: I can't be like this, Frankie. Not after what I've done. I've seen the world. People chanted my name. Well, not my name, some damn name you gave me. They were chanting for me. I was in magazines. You think I ever dreamed that'd happen? I was born two pounds, one-and-a-half ounces. Daddy used to tell me I'd fight my way into this world, and I'd fight my way out. That's all I wanna do, Frankie. I just don't wanna fight you to do it. I got what I needed. I got it all. Don't let 'em keep taking it away from me. Don't let me lie here 'till I can't hear those people chanting no more.


Frankie Dunn: What you learn tonight?
Maggie Fitzgerald: Always protect myself.
Frankie Dunn: What's the rule?
Maggie Fitzgerald: Always protect myself.

  最後,片中的Mo Cuishle的意義是
Frankie Dunn: Mo cuishle means my darling. My blood.




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